About Us

With a combined 100+ years of experience in Construction, Restoration, Building Sciences and Project Management for the building/renovation industry, it was almost a decade ago when our team set off in search of a smart solution to a pressing problem. It was a tall order—they were looking for a way to revolutionize one of the most costly, damaging, and pressing issues faced by the building industry today: the structural damage, mold, and mildew that all too often develop as the direct result of a water leak in the pan area of a window and/or door rough opening in renovations and new construction.

Today, after 10+ years of a track record of 1000’s of windows they have exceeded their goal with zero failures, surpassing even their wildest expectations for success with their development of the Fortress Installation Systems System. Affordable, deceptively simple, yet overwhelmingly effective, the Fortress Installation Systems System can be installed into the pan area of any window or door in mere minutes—by anyone from novice to pro. When paired with Flashing Tape and installed in full compliance with the recommendations for best practices, it creates a permanent, practical, and cost effective barrier against the common scourge of leaks in the pan area of window and door that cause the mold, mildew, and structural damage that can so often develop in their wake.